A photography related career that interests me is being a pet photographer. Some of the responsibilities are to plan the composition and maintain a professional portfolio. The average salary for a pet photographer in the United States is $38,506 a year.

And I would like to work in Texas because I have a friend who is a photographer over there. What mostly intrigues me is the sound of photographing various pets. The skills you must have are to be able to produce a pet photography portfolio along with understanding the basics of photo editing.

camera modes

#1Automatic mode Tells the camera to choose the best settings depending on your surroundings. In short, the camera does the work for you.

#2Portrait mode When in portrait mode the camera will automatically select a large aperture. Portrait mode works best when photographing a single subject.

#3Macro mode is great for photographing small subjects like insect, flowers and other small objects. A tripod is not needed because of how small your depth of field is.

#4Landscape mode is the exact opposite of portrait mode because it sets the camera up with a small aperture.

#5Sports mode is used when photographing moving objects. It is ideal when shooting to freeze the action by increasing the shutter speed.

#6Night mode can be used to shoot in low light situations. it’s better to hold the camera with your hands to make the background blurry.

#7Movie mode records both video and sound. Its handy when shooting a subject that can’t be captured.

#8Appeture priority mode is a semi-automatic where you choose your aperture and other settings.

#9Shutter priority mode is similar to aperture priority mode but you select a shutter speed, and the camera does the rest.

#10Program mode is similar to auto but gives you some controls over certain features.

#11Manual mode gives you full control over your camera so you can take photos to your liking.



Conceptual photo

This is my dog Oso he is a Pitbull Mastiff mix. The reason I chose him for this post is because he acts as me and my sisters therapy dog. This boy helps out my sister amazingly since she has been through harder things than me. Oso also brings out the best in me he’s helped not just me and my sister but my whole family. So, I thought I might as well choose him for this.

What I like about this photo is the theme. This photo looks eerie and spooky in a way. Cindy Shermans work is all really great in my opinion. I like how her hair looks like its flowing in the wind. This is one of my favorites of her clown photos. 


photographer (Neil Leifer) Story: “Leifer had taken that ringside spot in Lewiston, Maine, on May 25, 1965, as 23-year-old heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali squared off against 34-year-old Sonny Liston, the man he’d snatched the title from the previous year. One minute and 44 seconds into the first round, Ali’s right fist connected with Liston’s chin and Liston went down”. I chose this photo because of how iconic it is. 

Photographer (Co Rentmeester) story: “Rentmeester captured the basketball star soaring through the air for a dunk, legs split like a ballet dancer’s and left arm stretched to the stars. A beautiful image, but one unlikely to have endured had Nike not devised a logo for its young star that bore a striking resemblance to the photo. Seeking design inspiration for its first Air”. What intrigued me to this photo was the background and how the sun is low.

Photographer (Cindy Sherman) story: “Cindy Sherman the person has always been obscured by Cindy Sherman the subject. Through inventive, deliberately confusing self-portraits taken in familiar but artificial circumstances”. What made me choose this photo is the expression on her face, she looks lost and behind her are big buildings. 


What I like most about this cover is the seriousness on the soldier’s face which make the photo feel intense. Another thing I like is the setting its very green which I assume is Vietnam.

The thing that intrigues me in this cover is the chimpanzees that seem to be sitting in a group. Another thing I like is the lady in the background looks like she is documenting their behavior.

Now this cover to me seems very calming the way the deer’s just stand there is very nice. I also like the kids who seem to be watching the two deer through a window.